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Buti Yoga this Friday November 10th!! Awesome Tribal dance and yoga for women!


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Laura C

About the Instructor: Laura studied classical ballet for over
15 years, with additional study in contemporary, modern dance, yoga,
Pilates and Barre training.
“My method of teaching involves a lot of cuing and metaphor. I describe how a movement will feel in your body. One millimeter of positional adjustment within the body is monumental.
My own Pilates Master Instructor put it this way: Her dermatologist pointed to the arch of her eyebrow and, using her finger, raised it one tiny millimeter, which is about the thickness of a dime. That one-millimeter difference alters the way the face appears in a quite dramatic sense. And as you may know, this is true across the subtle and interconnected alignment of our body’s frame and musculature. But it is a poignant descriptor of what cuing those subtle adjustments within the body can provide. These cues are a distinct route to learning and feeling the strength and opening of the body that can occur over time with barre classes.
The philosophy of doing preparing the core at the start of class is to “wake” and engage the belly muscles, since they do the work of initiating and controlling movement throughout the class. While doing corework at the start of class, I use reminders throughout class to hardwire core engagement in preparing for any movement. This corework is a centerpiece to the six principles of Pilates: Concentration, Control, Centering, Precision, Breath, and Flow.”
----Laura Church, Certified Barre Instructor

Laura C instructs the following:
  • Barre Yoga 75 Min.
  • Barre yoga combines strengthening and accessible exercises using the barre with Pilates-based movements. Students build strength and resiliency through free weight training too. A class for all level students looking to mix up their yoga practice!