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staff instructs the following:
  • Classic Hot Yoga 90 Min.
  • Bikram Yoga is an amazing 90 minute class specifically designed to work every muscle, bone, joint, ligament, tendon, gland & organ in the body. While improving strength, balance & flexibility, you will reshape & heal your body as well as relieve stress & tension. Additional benefits include the prevention of illness, injury and the limiting effects of aging. Students of all levels and ages benefit from this total body workout.

  • Classic Hot Yoga Practice 75 Min.
  • 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises led by a practicing teacher, so a bit more fast paced than the 90 minute class. This class may or may not have background music depending on the teacher and students. 

  • Classic Hot Yoga Practice 75 Min.
  • The teacher will be practicing at this time and you are welcome to join. It is recommended that you have had a few classes prior to joining.  It is a regularly charged class, there will be some instruction, but less than a normal class. The class will often run about 75 minutes rather than 90. 

  • Power Yoga 75 Min.
  • A dynamic sequence of yoga postures stemming from the Krishnamacharya teachings.  The asana flow from one posture to the next using the breath or pranayama to help transition and form discipline, concentration, and meditation.  The Vinyasa practice is a wonderful way to enhance your Bikram Yoga practice and create even more strength and flexibility in your body. 

  • Yoga Sculpt 60 Min.
  • Yoga Sculpt is an energetic yoga practice that will rev up your energy and strengthen your whole body! Classes are set to upbeat music and created to tone and sculpt every muscle group by combining vinyasa-style yoga flow, free weights, and bursts of cardio (Tabata).  The yoga movements and weight training build strength, endurance, and flexibility. This class, like any other, is done at your own pace and you improve as you practice.