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Summer schedule changes are here, please review online! 

Summer is the best time to do Hot Yoga because you are warm and stretch more, so keep coming!

Never ever give up! The more you practice, the more your body appreciates you and gives you what you need!

Mark Palm

I learned my first Yoga poses as a child from watching comedy TV shows in the 1960s. I fancied myself as a farm boy Yogi, and it was a good first influence. In the late-‘70s my childhood “mind games” developed into a diverse set of self-styled meditation techniques that formed seamlessly in the landscape of my mind. In 1980 I purchased a used book on Yoga and taught myself the Asanas, and I soon entered a social network of Yogis in the Twin Cities. In the late-‘90s I noticed an emergence of Yoga studios and decided to give group Asana a try. I sought out good teachers, and I practiced serially with them for years at a time. Hot Yoga became my exclusive focus 2007, and in 2009 I began seeking out the teachers at the Saint Paul Bikram studio. In 2012 I completed Hot Yoga Teacher Training and Extensions at Core Power Yoga, and earned the RYT-200 Certification. Teaching Yoga has been a vital part of my Karma Yoga practice since 2013. I try to encourage people to gather the benefits of the Asana practice while they are on-the-mat, and to use it as a point of departure for practicing the non-Asana aspects of Yoga when they are off-the-mat.

Mark Palm is currently not instructing any classes.