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Sarah Shomion

I came to the Bikram practice on the advice of my mother, who would go out to LA twice a year in the early 80's to visit a friend and practice Yoga with the young and exhuberant Bikram Choudhury. During a particular bad bout of depression Mom said, THIS is the cure for you! Two days later I went to my first Bikram class in Santa Fe, New Mexico with Ms. Emily Weinberg.  I suffered through in all the wrong clothes, but my heart lifted 100 feet and my body was desperate for more. Within 6 months my depression and my fear of it disappeared, I was 30 lbs. lighter, and determined to go and study with Bikram, his wife, Rajashree and the senior teachers. I went to the Fall 2003 training and it was one of the best decisions of my life and could not be more grateful for how it has changed my life. It is easy to believe this practice has healed millions of people's lives because I have seen so many student's lives make 360 degree turns. This practice is truly amazing.

With great joy I opened Bikram Yoga Saint Paul in February of 2006. I have committed myself to teach with a balance between discipline, compassion, humor and austerity.

My love for the students, the yoga practice, teaching, and the teachers who work here has made my goal of serving the people of Saint Paul, a beautiful and enjoyable journey. I feel blessed in every class whether as a guide or student, always feeling the balance between the two.

Patrice Rossi

I started practicing Bikram Yoga 10 years ago and have been teaching for 4 years. Having always worked out, from Jane Fonda (yes – I’m older!) to the gym for aerobics and nautilus, I discovered nothing made me feel or look as good as Bikram Yoga. The greatest benefit that I received was an end to chronic sinus infections, bronchitis and exercise induced asthma. The Bikram Yoga style not only improves flexibility, strength and endurance, it strengthens the lungs, and improves all systems of the body including, but certainly not limited to, the immune, digestive and endocrine systems. And my skin! I rarely wear any body lotion anymore- even in our dry Minnesota winters. When asked if I would rather teach or take a class, I sometimes hesitate. I love sharing this yoga! I want everyone to feel this good. After yoga – I love a good story either in books or movies. My other loves are dancing (most of which takes place in my living room), music, and laughing.

Megan Gohlke
Megan is awesome!!  She just needs to write her bio and you can know why she is so awesome!! 
Laura Church
About the Instructor: Laura studied classical ballet for over
15 years, with additional study in contemporary, modern dance, yoga,
Pilates and Barre training.
“My method of teaching involves a lot of cuing and metaphor. I describe how a movement will feel in your body. One millimeter of positional adjustment within the body is monumental.
My own Pilates Master Instructor put it this way: Her dermatologist pointed to the arch of her eyebrow and, using her finger, raised it one tiny millimeter, which is about the thickness of a dime. That one-millimeter difference alters the way the face appears in a quite dramatic sense. And as you may know, this is true across the subtle and interconnected alignment of our body’s frame and musculature. But it is a poignant descriptor of what cuing those subtle adjustments within the body can provide. These cues are a distinct route to learning and feeling the strength and opening of the body that can occur over time with barre classes.
The philosophy of doing preparing the core at the start of class is to “wake” and engage the belly muscles, since they do the work of initiating and controlling movement throughout the class. While doing corework at the start of class, I use reminders throughout class to hardwire core engagement in preparing for any movement. This corework is a centerpiece to the six principles of Pilates: Concentration, Control, Centering, Precision, Breath, and Flow.”
----Laura Church, Certified Barre Instructor
Mark Palmquist
I learned my first Yoga poses as a child from watching comedy TV shows in the 1960s. I fancied myself as a farm boy Yogi, and it was a good first influence. In the late-‘70s my childhood “mind games” developed into a diverse set of self-styled meditation techniques that formed seamlessly in the landscape of my mind. In 1980 I purchased a used book on Yoga and taught myself the Asanas, and I soon entered a social network of Yogis in the Twin Cities. In the late-‘90s I noticed an emergence of Yoga studios and decided to give group Asana a try. I sought out good teachers, and I practiced serially with them for years at a time. Hot Yoga became my exclusive focus 2007, and in 2009 I began seeking out the teachers at the Saint Paul Bikram studio. In 2012 I completed Hot Yoga Teacher Training and Extensions at Core Power Yoga, and earned the RYT-200 Certification. Teaching Yoga has been a vital part of my Karma Yoga practice since 2013. I try to encourage people to gather the benefits of the Asana practice while they are on-the-mat, and to use it as a point of departure for practicing the non-Asana aspects of Yoga when they are off-the-mat.
Kaitlin Streitz
Kaitlin has been practicing yoga for 10+ years and teaching for 7. She gained upwards of 500 hours of teacher training certificationin Hot Yoga, Vinyasa, Restorative, and Hatha styles. She is a scholarly soul, and is self-taught in subjects such as philosophy, self-discovery, many modalities of healing, and is always journeying towards harmony within herself. She has a naturally encouraging and uplifting spirit that she embodies and shares with all of her classes. For two years she studied with Suzanne Green River, and is a certified practitioner of the Global Somatics process. With private clients, and yoga students alike, Kaitlin feels home in her heart and is a guide for others to come home into themselves too. 
Christy Hunt
Hi, I am Christy Hunt one of your Vinyasa Yoga and Hot Yoga instructors.  I've been a regular face at the Bikram studios of Saint Paul and Minneapolis for 10 years now.  This practice has inspired me to learn and teach, so last year I completed my 200 hour yoga alliance teacher training.  I have loved teaching yoga and hope to inspire you to new levels in your practice!
Besides having a passion for yoga i am also a devoted musician. I play guitar and sing for a couple of Twin Cities bands and one from Detroit, MI.  I am also currently a DJ for a couple of Retro Soul Nights in the downtown Minneapolis club scene.  I hope to see you in class!
Lizzie Larson
Lizzie attended Bikram's Yoga Teacher Training in the Fall of 2009, Las Vegas. She has taught in Washington, DC, Northern Virginia, and Nashville, TN. She loves long walks in the snow, sun rises, daffodils, spaghetti, and kittens. She looks forward to seeing you in class!
Ken Schweiger
And we love Ken!  And he's married to Barb!  Ken and Barbie!!  Its like a matel dream.
Zsuzsi Borzalski
Zsuzsi Rocks the House!! And she has more tattoos than all of us combined!
Someday she'll tell you what each one means... 
Denver Kaufman
Denver is the sweetest!!  He is magical and fun and sometimes he sings.  But he is also a great writer and should tell you all about it!!
Paula Chesley
Paula first came to yoga through Bikram, starting in her Ph.D. program. She continued practicing yoga while a university professor and researcher, living in France, Canada, and Germany, but she realized something wasn't clicking with her desk job -- she needed more. She decided to leave her academic position in Tübingen, Germany, go to Berlin for one month, then come back to the U.S. and decide what to do next. However, in Berlin, she became involved with the dance scene (dance is a lifelong love), and ended up spending two years there, doing contemporary dance training and performances. Now back in her home of the Twin Cities, Paula is a ballroom and social dance instructor. Paula received her yoga teacher training at the Yoga Barn in Bali, and teaches yin and vinyasa styles. Paula finds yoga helps her manage her endometriosis symptoms. She is passionate about women's health issues and the healing power of yoga.
Jacob Allers-Hatlie
Jacob grew up in the Minneapolis area and is a graduate of Augsburg College. He took his first Bikram Yoga class in 2015, without much previous experience in organized physical activity. When he discovered that Bikram Yoga was helping to keep his smoking cravings down he committed to practicing several times a week, eventually replacing that old habit with the healthier, new one. Jacob loves the intense physical and emotional experience that the 90 minute Bikram class creates, and always feels like he has made progress when the class is done. He also values the sense of community that comes from being a part of a yoga studio. In 2018 Jacob completed a 500-hour training with Yoga Factory in the Primary 26+2 series. Jacob has traveled to India, visiting Kerala, Varanasi and Nagaland. He believes that the student-teacher connection can change the life of both people for the better, and he looks forward to seeing you in class!
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