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The Saint Paul Hot Yoga and Health studio is very much a proud Mom and Pop shop, run by Sarah and Todd Shomion.  Our greatest hope is to bring health, healing and happiness to our community.  Sarah is a graduate of the Bikram teacher training from Fall 2003 and along with her husband Todd, they adhere to and offer the highest standards of the Ghosh Lineage yoga practice.  Bhisnu Ghosh was the brother of Paramahansana Yogananda, author of Autobiography of a Yogi.  While Paramahansana taught the more meditative, moral and spiritual aspects of yoga, Bhisnu was a physical culturist, and was a master asana practitioner and teacher.  Bikram was a student of his, who brought yoga to the west and helped so many people with all kinds of disease and ailments.  He popularized yoga in the west and all over the world.  We appreciate so much what we have learned from him and so many other master teachers.  We continue learning through daily practice and furthering our yoga education.  We love the original Hot Yoga classes, but have also come to loving every kind of Yoga Meditation in all its physical forms.  We have enjoyed adding Power Yoga, a Vinyasa flow class, Integrate class which has all 26 original postures and more, Sculpt yoga, Barre yoga, a Yin yoga class and a teacher led practice class.
Our studio will continue the Classic Hot Yoga that we first learned from Bikram, we are dedicated to keeping the postures precise, in alignment and in order.  We are also dedicated to promoting change in asana practice to help heal body, mind and spirit. We severed ties with Bikram and his company in 2007 when Sarah started the women's retreat with Rajashree and Emmy Cleaves, which is still going strong.  If you are ever interested in joining you will find it at 
We love to help answer questions or hear about your yoga practice.  Please feel free to contact us by email, phone or before and after class in the reception room.  You are what bring light and joy into our studio, you help make the world a better place when you can relieve stress, feel stronger, healthier and happier through your yoga practice!



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