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Buti Yoga this Friday December 1st! Awesome Tribal dance and yoga for women!


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What is Hot Vinyasa Yoga?
This class blends the best of Bikram and Vinyasa Yoga. We offer invigorating postures from the bikram series mixed with vinyasa sequencing, and flow. The room is hot and our instructors create space for awesome transformation to take place. The yogi can expect clear and inspiring guidance from their instructor, accessible yoga postures, and an overall fun experience. Breathe, sweat, and move in new ways!

Can I take this class if I'm new to yoga?

Absolutely! We cater our classes to our students. It is so normal to feel nervous when we are new to yoga. Feeling nervous or being unsure about physical mobility or flexibility is really a great place to be when we are starting a yoga practice. We practice yoga to calm our nerves, to find deeper self acceptance, to become more flexible - in our bodies and in our minds!

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